Monday, June 6, 2011

No One Mentioned the Scale

Day 4 complete. That's four radiation treatments down and twenty-nine more to go...
This part is not so bad. It takes longer to get in the hospital gown and in position than the actual treatment lasts. Yes, the zapping, as I call it, takes less than five minutes. 

Today is Monday and on Mondays I learned "everyone is weighed". I was zapped and then led to the scale which was in full view of everyone. I was able to ditch the sandals and purse before I jumped aboard. I refer to this as the "Weight Watchers" portion of the treatment. No one told me that every Monday I get to stand on a scale and watch red digital numbers come up and look at me...exposing my weight to me, the nurse and anyone else nearby. These red numbers are put in my file and I'll get to see them every Monday as they go up, down or don't budge (down is my preference). 

Note to self: on Mondays wear very light cotton garments to radiation treatment.

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