Friday, April 27, 2012

Year to Date

April 22, 2011 - day of surgery

April 21, 2012 - ran my first 5K  (ok, I had to walk parts of it)

Happy Anniversary to Me!
Never thought I'd be faced with breast cancer and I really never thought I'd run a 5K but I've now done both.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete an MRI of your breasts. It took me 41 minutes to complete the 5K.

There have been many ups and downs, but I must admit I'm pretty proud of myself. I couldn't have done this alone - my friends were with me from diagnosis to the last mile of that race.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It's been 1 year! Happy Anniversary to me...or maybe it should be to my boobs!

I had a yearly mammogram (like everyone should) in March 2012 and there were no signs of cancer or any questionable things in either breast. Hooray! Made it! Diagnosed on March 28, 2011 and no new cancer as of March 31, 2012!

I think I'll celebrate more on April 22, 2012 which will be one year since my surgery.

I know that my treatment decisions were not the norm, but they were right for me. I am happy to celebrate the path I choose.