Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Fatigue

I had hoped that we wouldn't be spending much time together, but I was wrong. I fought to keep you away, but you prevailed. Fatigue you are not my friend.

I was told that one of the main side effects from radiation treatment was fatigue (there was an actual list provided of all side effects). Since I was an exercise person prior to surgery and treatment, there was a chance that the fatigue would not be as great if I continued to exercise. Yes, that sounds crazy - keep exercising to fight off fatigue, but if you have fatigue how do you exercise - but it works. Well, it worked for a while. I just completed my 25th zapping today and I feel like a slug without traction.

The difference was clear yesterday and I knew something wasn't right. When I feel asleep watching TV before 8:30pm last night, I was sure I was getting sick. No, I am experiencing fatigue my radiation oncologist explained this morning. He added that it hits some people toward the end of radiation and others from the start of treatment. And for the bonus round, fatigue doesn't just go away once you stop zappings it last for two to three additional weeks.

I am determined to keep fighting the good fight and somehow make myself exercise today, but surrender (aka nap) sure sounds good to me right now.
Maybe ice cream would help...

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